What is an American? Questions

  1. Some traditions that are uniquely American are jazz music and Thanksgiving.
  2. Some elements of American culture that originate in other cultures are wearing jeans and different types of music.
  3. Some values that might be considered typically American are hip-hop, basketball,and Hollywood.
  4. I think culture helps bring people together because, they are able to understand each other better.
  5. American culture is complex as it is made up out of many different cultures.

Albert Einstein

“It’s not that i’m so smart; it’s just that I stay with problems longer.”- Albert Einstein

1. I think that Einstein is trying to say with this quote is that the longer he stays with his problems the better he is able to deal and find a solution to that problem.

2.From my experience in school I agree with this statement because, if you stay with your problems longer you get to understand it better.